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If you are trying to lodge an EPC but cannot find the address you require – please submit the below form.

Section A is for missing addresses and Section B is for address amendments. Please also ensure you complete the ‘Assessor Details’ in full.

Once the request has been submitted - the EST Missing Address team will investigate and add the new address if required.

The team aim to process domestic addresses within 3 working days and non-domestic addresses within 5. Please note, this timescale starts the first full working day after the request is received.

If the requested addition already exists on the register, its associated UPRN will be provided to whoever has sent the form.

The ‘Additional Information’ field can be used to provide any further details that may help to resolve your query.

Please note that your membership number is pre -fixed with 3 - 4 letters representing your Approved Organisation e.g., EES / 123456 or STRO123456. Ensuring that you include the correct membership number will greatly reduce delays in processing – please also note that your surveyor number is NOT the number we require.

Additionally, The Energy Performance of Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2008 mean we are unable to add addresses containing a specific business or organisation name.

Assessor Details
Section A - If you can't find the address:
Domestic Non-domestic
Section B - If the address is present but incorrect:
New Address
Existing Address